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Andrew Hennessey  eMail  00 44 (0)1333 428921     Mobile 075886 03896

Gay Gordons
Dashing white Sergeant
Canadian barn dance
Circassian circle
Britannia 2 step
St Bernards waltz
Trad strip the willow
Festival 4 star reel
Flying Scotsman
Virginia reel
Eightsome reel (shortened version)
Shetland strip the willow
Gaelic waltz

Our Harpist Sarai Robin Charles can be engaged to play background music at your event e.g. at a reception or behind diners

Harpist Sarai Robin Charles

Steve the band guitarist is also an accomplished  Jazz bar guitar player and can be engaged to play background music e.g. behind diners

Jazz Bar Guitar Steve Tyler

Our DJ has a state of the art sound system and lightshow - email us your playlist


EMAIL email DJ email DJ

Our caller, Andrew, has a special selection of Scottish ceilidh dances to suit all levels of dancer from the international beginner to the more advanced.

The band offer a Ceilidh Disco package with an experienced Weddings DJ with lightshow with full Disco PA.

The band can provide incidental music by way of playing our iPod through the PA or you can bring your own.

As an added option they'll provide a Celtic harp player, Sarai who can perform ambient background music at your event and the band guitarist can perform Latin-American jazz bar guitar music as background if required.

PAT-tested electrical equipment compliant with venue regulations.

The band offers a standard Musicians Union contract.

Pride of Erin waltz
Circle waltz
Cumberland square eight
Military 2 step
Swedish masquerade
Highland schottische
Washerwomans branle
Wild geese scottish country dance
Seige of Ennis
Eightsome reel (full version)

Riverside Jig