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A Scottish contemporary electric fiddler, composer and folk dance musician [ceilidh dancing] and dance caller, with the Wild Geese Ceilidh Band which was formed in Leith in 1996.
Calling Scottish dances and engaging audiences with 20 + ceilidh dances for all levels, fun dances for beginners to the more advanced

Also a contemporary electric violin player playing accompaniment in Blues, R&B, Rock, Jazz and Trance, and can play session work and improvise in almost any contemporary idiom.

e.g. recent session work - country fiddle with Blues Band 'Safehouse' - on the Jimmy Brown Blues tribute album 'Mr Crow' with Nobby Clarke and John Bruce, Edinburgh, Scotland, on a track called 'Another missing person' released jan 2014 and with folk band ‘Celtic Horizon’ in 2015 in Holland at Joure and at various Corporate venues e.g. Stirling Castle, Dalhousie Castle.

My latest solo project is and can also add acoustic vocals, bodhran and whistle as well as other contemporary backing if required by the venue and coming soon the ‘Charles Hennessey Duo’ on harp, vocals and fiddle.

The story of my musical journey is a bit like a colourful tartan

I started out in the Scottish Fiddle orchestras 1969, Edinburgh Highland Reels and Strathspey Society, then Folk bands 1979, e.g. Saltire, Unicorn, Hopscotch ceilidh band, to Vienna with Peat Water Still, then,

Produced and wrote theatre shows 1984-1990 with the Solan Theatre Company e.g. playing with various shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, then folk, blues and covers 1996 with the Wild Geese and Cauther Fair, folk rock 1999-2000 with The Fife, recorded with acoustic folk band Jacouse and from 2000, trance with Shamalan and Scottish ceilidh with North Star Ceilidh band and then with the Wild Geese - which is where I am today.

I am a featured composer with Skyrocket records.

I have played as a session musician in various line-ups; e.g. ceilidh with Bon Accord, Annasach, Norloch and Seattle function band, Shameless blues and rock band,

In 2012 the ScottishSoundscapes Tour with ScottishAndrew improvising on the digital canvas of the vibrant sounds of life in Scotland with my Starfish 6 string electric violin, whistle and bodhran. Toured the western isles of Scotland.

My other interests :
are in digital art and photography ScottishbyDesign.Biz and in 2007 re-invented tartan as – an asymmetric revolution for the 21st Century.

I am also known as a Ufologist and Paranormal researcher having appeared in various radio, TV and publications e.g. ‘Paranormal magazine’, and a Who’s Who in Ufology in 2008 by Lafayette, In Other News radio in 2015 and I specialise in Scottish folklore and contemporary Ufo accounts from Scotland, bringing to light with footage and reports, the Ufo hotspot at Gorebridge, 15 miles south of Edinburgh the Scottish capital.

I also operate the Stargate Edinburgh

Links to most of my other writing and arts merchandise from cafepress can be found here on this site.

My book on Ufos and the Paranormal [2015] – called ‘Alien Encounters and the Paranormal – the Scottish Perspective’ – is  published on Kindle, Create Space at Amazon.  Amazon.

I am also lucky to have benefited from various scientific environments such as; Dept of Agriculture and Fisheries – Herbage field trials,  the Central Microbiology Lab, The National Museum of Antiquities Conservation Lab, British Geological Studies – Petrology lab, Tropical Reforestation of Nigeria Project at the Bush Estate, and the East of Scotland College of Agriculture.

I am credited with contributions to the FAQ of the Transhumanist Movement and have an amateur interest in the research and development of systems software and computer architecture I invented for Artificial Intelligence. See

My General Systems Theory has recently attracted the attention of the Cubicon Corporation whose CEO noted some similarities in programming approaches to chaos.


I scanned the Tripartite Essentialism paper, finding myself mapping many of your observations about general systems theory into my comprehension space. I was struck to read your declaration of 64 logical outcomes that depict the integrity of any ABC exchange. The Cubicon Systems Language is comprised of 64 components that remain recombinant. It appears that both of us have spent considerable mental MIPS to bring order to chaos!

Sandy Klausner, CEO, Cubicon Corporation, August 2015

In 2012, 2014, 2016  I am added to the ‘Dissident Scientists List’ of the Jean De Climont Associates for my ideas on Cosmology, chaos theory and the Luminiferous aether.

I also specialise in therapeutic and recreational activities in Care settings. I have an interest in the ‘Playlist for Life’ program which advocates the use of familiar music special to our lives to aid residents with e.g. Dementia in the access of their memories.  

Based in Fife, Scotland.

Outshore Multimedia.

Founded on the Shore in Leith in 1997



Ceilidh musician and man of dance
Investigator of paranormal circumstance
Composer of art and pictures and tunes
And researcher of old Scottish stones and runes
Cosmic conundrums and landing on the Moon ...